Protecting Your Business Security Codes

It’s easy to think that once you install a security system, your business is completely safe. You have the cameras, the Verified Response, the alarms, and the access control – there’s no way that your property or product could be at risk of a security threat with all this, right?

Unfortunately, even with robust commercial security systems in place, your business could still be at risk from human error or complacency. It’s essential to the security of your property, staff, visitors, and products that you keep your business security codes safe and updated at all times. If your security codes are easy to break or find, then your security system won’t be very useful.


1. Give all employees a different code

The first way to keep your security codes safe is to give each employee a different access code. This way, you can keep track of when and where each employee used their code without any guesswork. You can easily give different employees different levels of security if there are certain employees who don’t require access to all areas. When you give all employees the same access code or use a universal one, it is much more difficult to monitor the access if there is a security event. Furthermore, giving different access codes to each employee means that when an employee leaves your company, you can simply cancel their access code without having to change anything else. This is a simple way to protect your business and save yourself work in the long term.

2. Give all employees a different code

This is the first rule of keeping security codes safe. Never write down your, or anyone else’s, security codes. If you write them down to remember them, it means someone else could easily gain access to them. Whether this is on a bulletin board, near your a computer, or in an electronic document, someone could find these and then have complete access to your property. Communicate the codes orally or immediately destroy any document that shares this information as soon as it is read.

3. Give all employees a different code

If codes are too difficult for your staff to keep track of, or you have too many employees to create different access codes, access cards or other automatic keyless entry systems are always an option. Each employee can have their own access card that will grant them access to areas that you deem fit. With this option, there are no numbers to memorize or keep secret. As long as your employees don’t lose their key cards, this is a great option!

4. Give all employees a different code

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make when it comes to creating security codes is using commonly used ones. While easy to remember, it’s akin to making an online access password “password” – it’s extremely easy to crack

Codes like 1234, 1212, 4321, 6789, and 0987 are some of the first codes that burglars or other threatening people will guess when they try to gain access to your property. With security access codes like this, you’re putting your business at almost the same risk as if you had no access control or alarm system at all. Always make sure your codes are easy to remember, but not something that is easy to guess.

5. Give all employees a different code

Depending on how your access control system is set up and the number of employees you have, it can be very beneficial to change your access code a couple of times per year. This way, if there has been any breach in security, any sharing of codes, or any documents with the codes left accessible, they will be useless to anyone trying to gain access.

If you change your codes a few times per year, you’re reducing the ability for security threats to get your security information and gain access.

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